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Getting rid of unwanted scrap metal

Are you looking to clear unwanted scrap metal? At Archimedes Metals Ltd (Scrap Metal Merchants), we collect and recycle both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Scrap metal can be a hassle to dispose of, especially if you’ve got a lot of it. From commercial restrictions at recycling centres to the awkwardness of transporting irregular, bulky materials, there’s plenty to make disposal difficult. But it doesn’t have to be.

Portsmouth-based Archimedes Metals Ltd (Scrap Metal Merchants) offer a scrap metal collection service designed to make life easier for you. Whether you’ve got a few items to get rid of or you’re in the process of gutting a large industrial site, we have the tools and ability to help out.We can arrange for your scrap metal to be recycled. Upon collection, all scrap metal is sorted and graded before being crushed. The crushed scrap is then prepared for recycling, after which it will eventually emerge as a new, ready-to-use product.

We are a licensed waste carrier and work closely with the Portsmouth Council to keep the local region scrap-free. We pay good prices for unwanted scrap and also offer resale of all types of metal for those looking for such.